Connecting4Good Sustainability

How we add value

Step 1: Preparing to Connect

Connecting4Good begin by understanding the business objectives, culture and core values. We tailor a CSR strategy and approach to suite the business requirements. As consultants we are business minded and know that a return on spending is required. We select partnerships where transformation will be genuine and sustainable. 

Step 2: Connecting 

Connecting4Good source suitable community projects on the corporates behalf. We engage and manage relationships with NGO's, the community and their leadership. We get our hands dirty so you don't have to. It is our passion and our pleasure to facilitate genuine transformation. We facilitate corporate/community events, training and communication strategy.

Step 3: Benefiting from the Connection

We leverage media relationships and create awareness to build brand association and salience.

Our Approach:


Connecting4Good's Approach

Our Vision:

We envision a first world South Africa where corporates actively invest in initiatives to create sustainable change.

Our Mission:

We develop strategic, sustainable relationships that become mutually beneficial partnerships.

Our Values:

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